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Windows Windows testers will get a new beta version of Windows Vista, dubbed the December Community Technology Preview beta build, just before next week's holidays, according to tester scuttlebutt. New to the December release, testers say, will be a number of features and user-interface tweaks. a new defrag module; tight integration of Windows Defender (formerly known as Windows AntiSpyware); and a functional parental-controls filter are all rumored to be in the December Vista build.
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Vista is Great
by Mr. Dee on Sat 17th Dec 2005 20:50 UTC
Mr. Dee
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Please everyone, buy Windows Vista on a new computer next fall okay? Please do it so we can stop Linux, OS X, Solaris and all the other evil bad operating systems.

We must love and cherish Windows, it is standard, grandma loves Windows. Windows is better, please buy more Windows Now! Install Windows every chance you get pirated or legit, spread Windows. Please ensure that all 6 billion persons on the planet earth uses Windows, whether its 95 or Vista Beta 1 5112. Every body must be able to use Windows, Server or Client.
Help me make this wish become a reality.

Please do this for me, let us stop that company that purchase 24 thousand Dell workstations, laptops and servers and is installing Linux on them, please help! Windows must rule forever until God comes.

Thank you

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