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Windows "TechWorld is reporting that Microsoft plans to move graphics outside of the Windows Vista kernel by pulling the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, formerly codenamed 'Avalon') out of the Vista kernel. MSWatch asked Microsoft for clarification. Here's the official statement: "Because WPF is largely written in managed code on the common language runtime, it never ran in kernel mode."
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RE[5]: ho, nice
by makfu on Sun 18th Dec 2005 04:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: ho, nice"
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I decided to finally register.

I wrote the rather long description that you summed up pretty well. The real issue that is causing so many people to misunderstand the LDDM is that the industry press (populated by people who really don't know very much about ComSci or OS internals) keeps making sweeping statements that mischaracterize the statements made by Microsoft.

All of this is very clearly (in my mind) publicly documented in the MSDN library.

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