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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Matt Asay, who quit Novell recently, has written an opinion piece on the differences between Red Hat and Novell in the Linux industry. "Red Hat has long dominated the Linux market. In part this has resulted from serendipity - the company raised gobs of cash in a boom-time IPO and so was the first big player to market - but it also results from the company's rabid focus on customers. Importantly, Red Hat has never wavered from a core understanding that the low-hanging fruit is Unix."
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A fair reflection of the situation
by shotsman on Sun 18th Dec 2005 09:03 UTC
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IMHO, this is not a bad article. Personally, I think RH are rubbing their hands with glee as Novell keep on looking at Microsoft and lets them get on with Unix to Linx conversions. Look at how much Sun hates RH! They see them as the main threat to their core business.

So, Novell, don't spread your resources too thin and please concentrate on the Desktop. Let RH look after the Server side. RH's business plan is to concetrate on the Server and not the desktop.
These plans are complimentary and not really competitive. The end result could be a much more focussed and coherent Linux product offering. If you think it would help, why not sign up for a joint promotion plan and attach Microsoft & the likes of Sun on a much broader front. (I know this would never happen but I can't help to have a dream can it?)
Finally, a word to Novell. Please try to OpenSource all the stuff you have which is currently closed. If RH can do it then so can you.

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