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Features, Office "I've received several emails and seen several articles asking whether any eventual decision by Massachusetts to approve two different document standards (e.g., Microsoft's XML Reference Schema (XMLRS) as well as the OASIS OpenDocument Format) would be a serious blow to the goal of achieving long-term access to documents. The quick answer is that this is not a binary situation, because there are different types of standards that serve different purposes, as well as different situations that have different dynamics."
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watts vs lumens
by mikesum32 on Mon 19th Dec 2005 01:18 UTC
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Watts are how much power a bulb consumes.

Lumens are how much light a bulb puts out.

An incandescent 100 watt (~1600 lumens) bulb is brighter than a 66 watt bulb because they use the same technology, a filament, to make light.

You can a 25 watt compact fluorescent light bulb that outputs 1475 lumens (about as much as a 100 watt regular) and used 1/4 the power.

In conclusion, please use a proper analogy.

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