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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Part 3 of the extensive Linux Tips for Free Mandriva Linux 2006 review has finally been published, covering multimedia, productivity and entertainment software. It also discusses Mandriva Linux security features, the Mandriva Club and looks ahead at the future: "... 1990-something was the year of Server Linux, 2003 was the year of Desktop Linux, 2005 the year of Laptop Linux, 2006 will be the year of Mobile Phone Linux and 2007 will be the year of Handheld/Palmtop Linux." Parts one and two were previously mentioned here at OSNews.
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Laptops and Linux
by fretinator on Mon 19th Dec 2005 14:38 UTC
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Mandriva is about the same as every major distro of Linux when it comes to laptops. _Most_ of the time _most_ things work. When it doesn't, expect to spend some time tweaking. The situation is far better that 3-5 years ago, when _most_ things didn't work and it was a major adventure to get Linux going on _most_ laptops. I run Mandriva 2006 on my laptop and everything works. The only tweaking I had to do was to get DRI working on my ATI IGP 320 video card. I just followed the directions at and it worked. BTW, have you ever tried to install _any_ version of Windows on a laptop without the factory installed drivers? What a nightmare it can be hunting down all the right versions of drivers!

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