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BSD and Darwin derivatives Fans of DragonFly BSD will be getting their Christmas present late this year, and plans for 1.5 have been announced. MP safe networking code, the long awaited cache coherency management system, and a port of Sun's ZFS. Read here for more. Update: Refresh, empty cache, whatever, and check the shiny new beastie icon! And there was much rejoicing. Can we now please discuss DragonFly BSD?
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RE[3]: Work Continues
by Anonymous on Tue 20th Dec 2005 09:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Work Continues"
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Per-CPU scheduler and CPU affine processes which migrate
between CPUs are nothing new. Nor would it particularly
be of help for a cluster because migrating processes
between CPUs with a per-cpu scheduler is by no means
equivalent to migrating processes between nodes in a

Now if the cluster is SSI on a page level (like Linux's
virtual iron capability AFAIK), then you may not have to
explicitly migrate processes but they could migrate
naturally according to the scheduler. This also seems
like a pretty bad idea unless the scheduler is very
specialised, because you could have a process with local
memory scattered all over your cluster.

"and because of the way the system is developed it has a potential to perform and scale really well in a clustered environment"

Well yes, we are talking about software cache coherency
schemes for SSI clusters. So what exactly is it about
the way this system is developed that gives it this

"talk on ZFS which Matt Dillon thinks will work very well in such an environment and you may end with something that works VERY well."

I recall him saying ZFS is a clustered filesystem or can be used over a cluster. This is not the case.

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