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Windows The December CTP of Windows Vista has been released. ActiveWin has published screenshots, and a list of features, of the latest CTP of Windows Vista. Key areas of improvement in this CTP are security (Windows Defender, parental control, enhanced firewall, control over installation of device drivers, and more), performance, power state transitions, and the user interface ("evidence of Aero's progress in the December CTP includes the translucent 'glass' appearance of open windows, smoother transitions between windows and a re-designed start menu").
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What part of the POSIX threads standard says that PThreads must be implemented using "stupid hacks with signals to get threads on shceduled by kernel" [sic]? POSIX just defines the API; they're very, very careful not to tell you how to implement that API.

Just because PThreads on Linux is a bit of a mess doesn't make the standard bad. Many OSes implement a POSIX threads API using native threads, which may be kernel schedulable entities. Syllable is one example.

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