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Morphos MorphZone presents an article from the 'Amiga Professor' Peruggi in which he explains the managing of TrueType webfonts on MorphOS and all other Amiga-like systems. It is a complete tutorial with AREXX scripts on how to adjust webfonts to obtain correct aspect ratio of HTML pages in Amiga browsers.
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by AmigaRobbo on Tue 20th Dec 2005 14:11 UTC
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I'll tell you what I think and why I think it, and I'll tell where I got some preinformation on why I think it and where this information could come in useful. And I'll tell you how what I think will be useful to you, but not how to use it in a precise short way, but instead in a rambling verbose maximum wordage that will make everything hard to read, and indeed if you follow the links I'll show you how you'll lose intrest before the end of the paragraph, despite the fact the the Subject is really intresting and I think you'll find that the soluion useful for both the classic Amiga and as far as I can tell Amiga OS4, although possibly, you'll be so put off by the rambling writting style you'll having fallen asleep by half way.

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