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Features, Office "Last week i was able to register with OASIS, as a non profit, The OpenDocument Foundation, inc. The Foundation is a USA 501c(3) non profit incorporated in California, and duly registered with the IRS. OASIS has been kind enough to expedite the registration, and hopefully Foundation members will be able to join the ODF TC and the newly formed OASIS ODF Adoption TC."
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RE: Details, please
by supercharles on Tue 20th Dec 2005 15:12 UTC in reply to "Details, please"
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You are right in your comment. I've been following this story and OOo. That foundation doesn't have any kind of IP, they're just a coalition of individuals.
In fact that foundation is th Open Document Fellowship with a legal entity.
Let's not forget that in any case, the OASIS TC of OpenDocument really leads the ball. And it's far to be a bad thing, actually.
Nonetheless, this should be considered as a marketing move, nothing more.

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