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KDE According to these blog posts from SUSE/Novell KDE developers that include bootcharts showing KDE startup, recent performance improvements in fontconfig and KDE/Qt have a noticeable effect on startup times. KDE can even match Xfce startup time (both 5 seconds on a 900MHz laptop) when some KDE features are turned off to match Xfce more closely in terms of functionality.
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RE: Apples vs. Oranges
by Ringheims Auto on Wed 21st Dec 2005 12:45 UTC in reply to "Apples vs. Oranges"
Ringheims Auto
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XFCE is simply a speedy/responsive answer for some folks who dislike GNOME's "bloat" and lagginess but love GTK...and don't mind a few less features.

Hmmm...I've gone through lots of DEs, finally landing on XFCE. But, can someone tell me, what are these missing features people's talking about? With XFCE I've got more features than anytime before, given all plugins available for XFCE. Also, since everything is so lightweight and fast, you allow yourself to run more 'unusable' stuff like the weather-plugin than on a heavier DE.

KDE's moving along very nice lately, though, but I can't quite see what desktop-features I'm missing on XFCE.

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