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Java IBM has begun participating in open-source Java project Harmony and intends to contribute code to the initiative, according to a Big Blue executive.
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RE[5]: Why not Mono?
by segedunum on Fri 22nd Jul 2005 17:43 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why not Mono?"
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We all know what the real problem is. And no matter how much kde developers/fanboys put their fingers in their ears, yell "lalalalaa...I can't hear you"

You're going somewhat off-topic now, but when you start talking about KDE everyone knows that you know that you've lost ;-).

And that's why Eclipse (which I noticed you're interested in), and the new Swing in Mustang, and Classpath, and Novell, and RedHat, and Sun all chose gtk+.

Well they use GTK primarily, and quite frankly, so what? IBM actually have an expensive agreement with Trolltech to use Qt for Websphere, but that's by the by.

There is actually no reason why you can't write a KDE application using GTK and integrating with KDE infrastructure, and that's what stuff like QtGTK was, and is, about. The GTK and Qt licenses used are totally compatible. The last I looked GTK, and other tookits, ran fine when running under KDE and Windows and integrated pretty well. That's a pretty good example of how silly these toolkit arguments have got. How many tookits do you see running under Windows? A lot - including GTK and Qt. Do you hear all of this stuff about toolkit X and Y on Windows? No.

However, having good enough programming tools to build a desktop environment and the huge amount of infrastructure needed with is an entirely different matter, and Qt is simply the best option available today for that. The architecture of KDE, the integration, its applications and its quality has proved that.

We're not going to get one toolkit for everything I'm afraid (shock - neither Qt nor GTK will die!), but you simply have to apply the old cliche of what works best for what job. No matter how liberal, or not, the license is there is always a trade-off.

Surveys are completely meaningless and you know it. It's like the braindeads in the media doing a poll which nobody buys.

Yawn. When you've got thousands of people filling in the survey for two years running, and most consistently say they're using KDE, that's fairly conclusive. I'd love to hear about the malicious KDE users who've managed to vote ten times each :-). You can't just ignore surveys you don't like, and I'm sure if the roles were reversed we'd never hear the last of it.

If you have a survey somewhere, or at least some fairly solid evidence, that there are *quote* millions *unquote* of Gnome users, then give us all a call.

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