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Qt Thinking on the issue of licensing and KDE, an old hymn came to the mind of OfB's Tim Butler. "As it was in the beginning, is now, And ever shall be" Yes, the issue of licensing has been a perennial problem for the Free/Open Source desktop and he suggests its biggest licensing issue remains: the GPL. Read more at
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by rm6990 on Wed 6th Jul 2005 07:55 UTC
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ATM KDE and GNOME are duplicating a lot of work. Choose one toolkit and go with that. So we double the developers of the toolkit which can, say, focus on performance or whatever they need to focus at and the KDE and GNOME folks will just implement different approaches to the desktop. Where's the problem? They will share a common toolkit which will help A LOT and also remove a lot of problems. But I'm afraid this will never happen anyway, so I'm just giving my opinion.


How do you propose we make people choose? F/OSS doesn't have a CEO that can tell people what to do.

Maybe it is possible the license the KDE libs as LGPL so it will be possible to buy a commercial license for QT and link agains LGPL Kde libs. Don't know if this is legally possible.

It obviously is possible as the KDE libs are licensed under the LGPL. They probably link against QT using the QPL.

See this page for most info. Only one of the KDE libs are GPL

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