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Mac OS X Two interesting articles on OS X today. This one summarizes some of the less-obvious new features of Apple's Tiger. The other one theorizes that Apple's shift to Intel is an incentive for Windows developers to port their software due to the lack of the endian problem.
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RE[3]: Cocoa != Objective-C
by japail on Thu 7th Jul 2005 08:52 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Cocoa != Objective-C"
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Objective-C has no intrinsic advantages over C with regard to memory management. You have no additional control and memory management isn't any easier. Frameworks can be developed (like NeXT's Foundation Kit) with classes for managing object lifetimes. NeXT for instance created NSAutoreleasePool for delegating object lifetime to the lifetime of an instance of NSAutoreleasePool. This doesn't change matters for resources not descendended from NSObject, and it still requires explicit management for correctness.

C++ probably has the most sophisticated/complicated/flexible language-level resource management of the three languages you mention.

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