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Mozilla & Gecko clones "On December 8, 2005, we published a story that wondered: Firefox 1.5: Not Ready For Prime Time? In response, some 450 (and climbing) InternetWeek, InformationWeek, TechWeb Pipelines, and Scot's Newsletter readers have sent details about their experiences with Firefox 1.5. A picture is emerging about Firefox 1.5 in the real world - on a small percentage of Windows, Mac, and Linux computers - that is less than positive."
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No problems with 1.5
by Pr3st00 on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 11:49 UTC
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I'm using 1.5 since it was released with no problems, but I have friends who have claimed about freezes and memory issues...

Of course Firefox is far from perfect, but it's still the best choice, IMHO.

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