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OSNews, Generic OSes "QEMU version 0.8.0 is out. New features include: support for ARM Integrator/CP board system emulation; support for MIPS R4K system emulation; initial SMP support on x86 (up to 255 CPUs); many new audio emulation features; initial USB support; new networking options for VLAN support between several QEMU instances." The changelog is here, downloads are here.
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GNU/Linux on QEMU as Windows screensaver
by quique on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 12:05 UTC
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A software engineer at IBM has come up with a way to construct and package a Linux® LiveCD so that it will install using the standard Microsoft® Windows® install process and will operate as a standard Windows screensaver:

It uses QEMU v0.7.2. Quite amazing.

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