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Legal The European Commission has threatened to fine Microsoft up to 2m euros [$2.4m] a day until it gives rivals more access to its systems. Brussels said the software giant had failed to supply adequate information about its server programs. Microsoft has five weeks to provide improved documentation before the daily penalties are imposed. But the company pledged to contest the EU's "unjustified" demands by whatever means possible. Update: Microsoft contests.
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Few months down the road....
by historyb on Fri 23rd Dec 2005 03:07 UTC
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"It's a few months into 2006 and it's final Microsoft is closing it's doors, with hugh fines upwards of 2.4 million dollars a day MS Spokeperson says that they can not keep up and are not willing to do what the EU want so they are closing operatings and telling everyone to use Linux...."

What! What?! O sorry I was daydreaming again. ;)

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