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Windows Windows Vista will improve search functionality on a PC by letting users tag files with metadata, but those tags could cause unwanted and embarrassing information disclosure, Gartner analysts warned.
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RE: or you could just use PDF..
by Drumhellar on Fri 23rd Dec 2005 09:20 UTC in reply to "or you could just use PDF.."
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Problems of sensitve data can still exist with PDF, though.

I don't remember which US federal agency it was, (I'm thinking either FBI or CIA), but they released some documents in PDF that had redacted portions (i.e. black lines over names, still-sensitive parts, etc). While the text underneath couldn't be seen using Acrobat Reader, the actual text still existed and was in the file.

Of course, this problem seems more like an issue of specific programs storing metadata, versus Vista's.
NTFS already has some form of metadata, and it's searchable with that wonderful MSN Desktop search.

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