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SCO, Caldera, Unixware The SCO Group's revenue continued to fall in the fourth quarter and during fiscal 2005, as Unix sales slumped. Management, however, tried to put a positive spin on the results, released after Thursday's market close, saying that cost-cutting measures have made SCO's Unix business profitable again and adding that plenty of cash remains to continue a legal battle against IBM.
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Dark Leth
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You seem to have a weak understanding of the law. There is no basis, currently, for McBride to be prosecuted under. Are his actions ethical? Not likely. Are they legal? Yes, he has every right under the current judicial system to sue as long as the courts believe he has a case. Currently, they do.

Beyond that, are you even familiar with any of SCO's products? Their Unix suites are still some of the best around, and the quality of their insulary projects is supurb.

I'm no SCO apologist, trust me, from a business standpoint I saw this vapour suit as a big problem. However, I think you need a better basis for your attacks, as well as understand the SCO is not some company just throwing around lawsuits. They are trying to protect their market.

Please, before you mod me down, actually read what I have said. I am on Linux's side here, however, SCO has every right to sue. They just shouldn't win.

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