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Privacy, Security, Encryption "I have already written about configuring my FreeBSD IPsec gateway and workstations. In this article I will show how I configured my Windows XP box to use the same gateway. You might ask why I'm writing about Windows XP on a website about FreeBSD? My terse answer is because I can. My realistic answer is because it will help people. It's something I did, with my FreeBSD gateway. I use XP on a regular basis. Use the right tool for the job. Sometimes that's XP. Sometimes it's FreeBSD."
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What a bunch of bigots!!
by bannor99 on Fri 23rd Dec 2005 23:24 UTC
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Allow me to sell you all a clue at a reasonable price.
The reason for his "apology" is that he's posting on a site called FREEBSDDIARY.ORG.
His "apology" would have been out of place if the site had been called or or some such.
And, what does Stallman and the GPL have to do with FreeBSD?

By the way, if you look at the list of topics, you'll find only 2 Linux ones and 7 featuring Windows, so the MS family get more than equal time on a BSD-centric site.

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