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OSNews, Generic OSes As here in Europe Christmas eve has already begun, we, the OSNews team, both editors and site maintainers, would like to wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas. May everyone be with the ones they love-- no matter one's nationality, religion, favourite operating system, favourite desktop environment, or whatever. Let us also hope the victims of the tsunami, the earthquake in Pakistan, and Gulf Coast hurricane, and all others who have suffered this year, have found comfort. Let's have a moment of silence on the 26th for them. Merry Christmas, people (and anyone who dares to sing "Last Christmas" in the comments gets banned for a week) !
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by Andre on Sat 24th Dec 2005 18:59 UTC
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Merry F*cking Christmas ...

What happened to christmas ?!?!
Have we all forgotten what christmas it really about?
We eat like we haven't eaten for weeks,
and in other parst of the world there is real hunger,
We buy present for millions of dollars,
and in other parst of the world, there are people without any money ...

Have we forgotten what christmas it supposed to be about?

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