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Hardware, Embedded Systems "It's finally arrived - the first Mac Mini clone. Our review system was supplied by Evesham, but the barebone chassis is manufactured by AOpen and has been known as the 'Pandora'. Sadly this catchy name is gone - AOpen has re-named it the Mini PC, which is just plain boring. Anyhow, name aside, this is a really cool-looking little machine - it arguably looks even better than the Mac Mini, mainly due to its aluminium case."
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RE[5]: why?
by bubbayank on Sun 25th Dec 2005 19:46 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: why?"
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> I don't get all this hostility all of a sudden. In a thread about
> some newly released piece of hardware someone mentions that
> Linux can be run on a differnet piece of hardware and all of a
> sudden everyone starts pulling out their guns to shoot anyone
> seen with a penguin. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm picking on you,

I'll explain it... Anyone that ties an OS with racism is an ignorant zealot. Simple as that. There tend to be a ton of Linux "advocates" that resort to extreme hyperbole and love to clutter non-linux threads with stuff like ".... could run Linux!". No shit. Most computers can. We aren't morons, we don't need someone reminding us that more than one OS exists for most any platform you can imagine.

And the fool I replied to was just spreading FUD. OS-X IS UNIX even if it's NOT OPEN SOURCE. Big Whoop. As such, you can build most "Linux" software on it. I know this, since I run OS-X and have for the last 3 years or so. The poster who went on the "Linux on Mini" rant obviously has not. Some other anon troll stepped up and said something about half-assed open source audio drivers to which I say: OS-X's built in audio kicks their ass, so why bother?

> It's not just your reply that set me off, but following this thread
> from the point where Linux was mentioned through to the
> end shows nothing but the OS equivalent of racism towards Linux.

I'm just including that because it is so absolutely f--king ridiculous I cannot believe someone would ever think such a thing, much less type it.

SInce it's XMas, I'll give you a free tip:

Get off the cross, we need the wood.

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