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General Development "Once upon a time, 3D for the Web promised to be as easy as building a Web page. Unfortunately, 3D - even simple 3D - is more complex than displaying scrolling text and pictures. Each VRML vendor implemented a different subset of the spec, and it never gained traction. And so 3D on the Web faded away. Or did it? It turns out that VRML lives on in its XML flavor, X3D, which has grown to encompass VRML's siblings H-Anim (Humanoid Animation) and GeoVRML."
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RE[2]: X3D is young...
by tyrione on Tue 27th Dec 2005 01:31 UTC in reply to "RE: X3D is young... "
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So why integrate yet another markup language into every browser wouldn't it make more sense to provide these kinds of applications through already existing plugins like java which have the advantage of already being able to use the models being used by 3D creators today ?
Check out JPCT ( ) for example, a free (beer) 3D engine for java.

You're discussing implementation and I'm focusing on viability and need based upon market segments.

If you are in the Aerospace Industry what stops say Boeing or Airbus from writing a custom XUL implementation or WebCore implementation to meet their needs at their various deployed Intranet sites?

By the time the Web reaches critical mass with real-time specs (Fiber to the House) > 60% of the current mass of regular Internet consumers the design of a Web Browser will be more akin to a mess of smaller applications with Services that call CustomViews for various markets.

What is to say it isn't presently deployed via Internet2?

X3D will become relevant after the number of XML specifications that are procreating like flies slows to a trickle and reach general usage in browsers.

Yes its a long-term vision, but to dismiss it as irrelevent only expresses a short-term vision; and a myopic one at that--if I don't have a need then it must be useless.

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