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Linux "There are a number of things preventing Windows users from moving en masse to Linux. While the naming of applications is probably not a make-or-break issue when considering a new operating system, it is a legitimate consideration. This is the case because many of the names chosen for Linux programs are downright confusing, and the last thing desktop Linux needs right now is to make the transition from Windows or the acquisition of new users any harder than it has to be."
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RE: What a load of crap!
by jack_perry on Tue 27th Dec 2005 18:05 UTC in reply to "What a load of crap!"
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Yes, and one of them is that Windows users are already productive in their Windows environment. The old adage "if it ain't broke, why fix it?" applies here more than anywhere else. Say, for example, I'm a happy Windows user. Why should I go through the trouble of learning an unfamiliar OS based on an entirely different philosophy, if I'm already productive in my current OS?

Answer: Once you acquire familiarity with the "other" OS, you could well be more productive in the new OS. That's another old adage: a small investment now can reap big profits later.

It's difficult to convince people of that, and even a few years ago Linux wasn't sufficiently useable to be worth the trouble, unless you were religiously inclined to FLOSS or a geek. Linux' useability has bettered by leaps and bounds though, and it's actually getting to be fun. I've gotten to the point where I find Windows to be less productive (for me) than Linux.

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