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Linux "There are a number of things preventing Windows users from moving en masse to Linux. While the naming of applications is probably not a make-or-break issue when considering a new operating system, it is a legitimate consideration. This is the case because many of the names chosen for Linux programs are downright confusing, and the last thing desktop Linux needs right now is to make the transition from Windows or the acquisition of new users any harder than it has to be."
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It's not the hard really ...
by de_wizze on Wed 28th Dec 2005 18:38 UTC
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All that needs to happen in that Application menu items and Launcher icon titles need to append the Application Category when being presented to users.

"Konqueror Web Browser"
"Opera Web Browser"
"Epiphany Web Browser"
"Galeon Web Browser"
"Firefox Web Browser"

"GIMP Image Editor"
"Inkscape Vector Editor"

"Helix Media Player"
"Xine Media Player"

"Ogle DVD Player"
"Xine Media Player"
"Totem Media Player"


"Gaim IM Client"
"Kopete IM Client"

"XMMS Audio Player"
"Noatun Audio Player"

"Grip CD Ripper"
"Gnome Toaster"
"Sound Juicer"

"K3b CD Creator"
"Gnome Toaster"
"XCDRoast CD Creator"

Or if the sight of repetitive text get bothersome use category as a sub menu and place it into the tool tip.

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