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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable team has released an update to their latest 0.6.0 release-- Syllable 0.6.0a. This release will fix the most pressing bugs found in the 0.6.0 release, which can be found in the changelog. If you have already installed 0.6.0, you can use the upgrade package. Downloads are here.
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You're quite right. Once libsyllable has settled down, we're activly going to encourage bindings for other languages.

Jarek Pelczar has stated his intention to work on JamVM & GNU Classpath, and Henrik has already done most of the work in porting Mono. Once Java and/or .Net runtimes are available I'm sure we'll see either bindings for them. We may even see completely new libraries; there is no reason why we couldn't have a pure Java GUI library that talked directly to the appserver just as libsyllable does. Provided each library stuck to the protocols, applications written for each library would work together seamlessly.

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