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Features, Office "I'm very sorry to report that Peter Quinn, the CIO of Massachusetts who has been at the center of a controversy relating to his efforts at the Information Technology Division to adopt the OpenDocument format for the use of the Commonwealth's Executive Agencies, has resigned."
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by MysterMask on Thu 29th Dec 2005 12:26 UTC
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Tell me, who is going to force you to upgrade your hardware, operating system, and Office version 10 years from now?

Everybody using new and incompatible MS document formats will force you to upgrade Office as soon as they start sending such docs to others. It has been like that since the beginnings of Office (MS can pull the "incompatibility trick" even if they are using XML). Or was there a need to go from e. g. MS Word 5 to 6, 2000 to XP, etc.?

Upgrading hardware and operating systems is a logical consequence of upgrading software and failing hardware.

To answer your question: No, you are not forced to upgrade Office or the OS the same way as Windows is secure out of the box (i. e. as long as you don't connect it to the internet).

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