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OS/2 and eComStation Two articles on OS/2: "IBM's farewell to OS/2 next month shouldn't take anyone by surprise. Long before Big Blue announced its plans to pull the plug, industry watchers were drafting OS/2's obituary." And, "Yesterday saw IBM cease the sale of the OS/2 Operating system. Come the 31st of December, standard support for the OS will end also. However, a significant number of companies and people continue to use it, and they are finding ways for OS/2 to live on."
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That it supports up to 64 CPUís does not mean it scales up to 64 CPUís. There are many obstacles to SMP scalability, not the least of which is optimizing the use of global data structures (locking) and synchronization of threads. Given that 32-way x86 based systems didnít even exist when Warp 4 was released, I doubt it scales past 4-8 CPUís.

Actually the 4.5x kernel is from 1999 - as most SMP kernels it has been optimized for 8 processors, it has been limited to 64 processor (AFAIR the algoritm is capable of supporting 1024 processors) - but hasn't been tested with more than 16 processors.

Your points did little to change the fact that OS/2 is a dead and obsolete platform better left in the past.
OK, you don't like OS/2 - who gives a freaking s***

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