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KDE "This document was created to show non-KDE people what they're missing - and if you haven't used KDE a lot, you're missing a lot of things and you may interested in reading this page to learn how many wonderful things you've been missing. I promise, this is a subjective analysis of why KDE rules. I was a GNOME user for a long time, one of those users who loved GNOME UI, and I didn't know how much things I was missing with KDE until I tried it."
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Matter of personal taste
by Ringheims Auto on Thu 29th Dec 2005 16:37 UTC
Ringheims Auto
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Despite heated debates on this, imho pretty much all desktops of today, be it Gnome, KDE, XFCE, OS X or Windows XP, are generally all good enough and easy enough to use for your granny, pa or other computer user. Personally I favour XFCE for various reasons.

Wether you like Gnome, KDE or whatever I think this is more a matter of personal taste than wich one is technically the best.

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