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KDE "This document was created to show non-KDE people what they're missing - and if you haven't used KDE a lot, you're missing a lot of things and you may interested in reading this page to learn how many wonderful things you've been missing. I promise, this is a subjective analysis of why KDE rules. I was a GNOME user for a long time, one of those users who loved GNOME UI, and I didn't know how much things I was missing with KDE until I tried it."
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KDE provides a file manager with ftp/http/ssh/imap etc. access, cd burning, audio/photo management, RSS reader, mail client, newsgroup client, calender software, download manager, network manager, office software, graphics software, media players, text editors and much more. To actually use your computer, you have to use XFCE with lots of other software to compare it to GNOME/KDE.

Yeah, but I get by by loading each of these apps seperately, I use KBear for FTP, and maybe konqueror from time to time.

But the point wasn't really that XFCE is better, it was rather that mostly all modern DE's are easy enough to use, atleast apart from geek-oriented ones like fluxbox. (I used to run fluxbox for myself and gnome for guests, but found that XFCE works great for both purposes).

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