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Hardware, Embedded Systems 6 months ago N. Blachford wrote an article based on the 2002 Cell processor patent application. Since that original document, the Cell evolved considerably in both hardware and software. This new version has been rewritten to cover those changes. New sections have also been added to cover Cell software development and the design of the architecture.
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RE: Abuse of xhtml+css
by Nicholas Blachford on Sat 23rd Jul 2005 00:54 UTC in reply to "Abuse of xhtml+css"
Nicholas Blachford
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Am I the only one that reacted to the totally braindead abuse of xhtml+css in this articel?

It's auto-generated, unfortunately the auto-generator (Apple's Pages)* leaves something to be desired ;)

It's far too much hassle to something of this length by hand in HTML.

*Pages is otherwise a very nice app.

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