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OS/2 and eComStation Two articles on OS/2: "IBM's farewell to OS/2 next month shouldn't take anyone by surprise. Long before Big Blue announced its plans to pull the plug, industry watchers were drafting OS/2's obituary." And, "Yesterday saw IBM cease the sale of the OS/2 Operating system. Come the 31st of December, standard support for the OS will end also. However, a significant number of companies and people continue to use it, and they are finding ways for OS/2 to live on."
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do you remember?
by Anonymous on Fri 30th Dec 2005 04:37 UTC
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Howard Stern used to hawk OS/2 Warp on his radio and WOR 9 show..

The bank I used to work for used OS/2 extensively.. And all those QuickTrack machines at Penn Station use it too. Never once had a problem with those...

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