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KDE "This document was created to show non-KDE people what they're missing - and if you haven't used KDE a lot, you're missing a lot of things and you may interested in reading this page to learn how many wonderful things you've been missing. I promise, this is a subjective analysis of why KDE rules. I was a GNOME user for a long time, one of those users who loved GNOME UI, and I didn't know how much things I was missing with KDE until I tried it."
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RE[3]: Geeks
by dark child on Fri 30th Dec 2005 08:42 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Geeks"
dark child
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Actually, you give a good example of this yourself, as you tell me that your aunt asked you to install KDE. If it had been easy enough she would have done it herself.
The problem for her would be installing Linux as a whole and not KDE. I agree that the Linux installation process would be complicated for many non geeks, but the same applies for Windows. Many people out there cannot install Windows on their own, so its not just a Linux problem.

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