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Slackware, Slax I was interested to see how Zenwalk differs from Slackware, and after reading on their web site that version 2.01 is 'the biggest jump in Zenwalk evolution since the beginning of the project', I wanted to see how far Zenwalk has come since it was reviewed here as MiniSlack.
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RE: Downloading right now...
by djst on Fri 30th Dec 2005 11:46 UTC in reply to "Downloading right now..."
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Wow, that was the most complicated installer I've seen since Gentoo (which, admittedtly, doesn't even have an installer). So many questions that shouldn't even be necessary to ask.

I wasn't too happy that it wanted to use Lilo instead of Grub, which means I wouldn't be able to recover manually if things went wrong, since I don't know how to operate Lilo. And things did went wrong. ;) It detected and added Windows XP, but completely ignored my Ubuntu install at another partition. Way to go, now I have no idea how to boot up Ubuntu without installing it on another partition and let it detect the other installation that way..

Oh, and it correctly guessed I had an Intel integrated graphics card and suggested the Vesa graphics driver. Well, I have no knowledge of which driver is appropriate and chose to trust Zenwalk's choice here. However, now the graphical login doesn't even start, which renders the OS completely useless to me.

I guess I'll have to wait for a newer release.

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