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OSNews, Generic OSes As 2005 draws to a close, a year with many changes for OSNews, we have one more big change to make OSNews a better place. But first, let us take a short look at all the big changes OSNews has seen this year.
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Not a good idea IMHO even if....
by bornagainenguin on Sun 1st Jan 2006 13:11 UTC
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....because the bugmenot guys will eventually have a list of logins for just like they do for other 'exclusive' sites.

And while I agree that:

A) it's annoying as hell to be unable to know if the Anonymous you're posting to is the Anonymous who responded without doing all kinds of backtracking...

and that:

B) Registering nicknames will eliminate the trolls that tried to hijack Archie Steel's accomt (anyone remember that?)

I still think that by requiring people to sign up before making a post we may lose many good comments by people who stumble across this site by random and have something to share only to be put off by the need to register.

Only time will tell I guess; Happy New Year everybody!

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