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Amiga & AROS Yesterday, Amiga-fans could participate in an IRC Q/A session with Hyperion Entertainment, the company behind AmigaOS4. You can read several transcripts, both edited as well as unedited, here. The main news is that AmigaOS4 will not be released this year; with the main reason for this being the lack of available hardware (which is being worked on). An update will, however, be released in January.
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Mr Nicholas wrote:

I asked if the Update #4 would be sold to BlizzardPPC owners, but the "moderators" of the chat session deemed my question unsuitable for the Freiden brothers to answer. :-X

I know OS4 currently runs on the BlizzardPPC as my friend is a betatester/developer for OS4, and i've used it on his machine.

Come on pal! If they don't want to release it soon, why (instead of OS4) don't you try MorphOS 1.4.5 edition for power-up machines?

Actually it costs none.

It runs on:

Amiga 4000(T) with CyberStormPPC
Amiga 3000 with CyberStormPPC
Amiga 1200 with BlizzardPPC
Grex PCI slots

You can find a try version (limited to 2 hours) here:

Register yourself *for free* and the 2-hours-limit will vanish, allowing you to use it continuously.



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