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Linux "Progression Desktop allows you to transfer files and settings from Windows desktops to Linux desktops in an automated fashion. Desktop "personalities" and data are quickly moved across operating systems and applications to ensure a seamless transition to Linux. Progression Desktop moves critical data, application settings, network shares, desktop settings, directory structures and more in a predictable and repeatable fashion. Migrate Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express to Novell Evolution, KMail, Mozilla or Thunderbird, Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla, Firefox or Konqueror, Microsoft Office to and more."
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RE: Misleading - CORRECTION!
by DrillSgt on Mon 2nd Jan 2006 00:58 UTC
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In my first post I said the documents were misleading...not entirely true I have learned. The problem mentioned in that post occurred on MY setup, which is unique. I have multiple email profiles set, so in that case scenario it does NOT work. However, if you only have one email profile set in your Outlook, the email WILL get transferred, and flawlessly at that. As well the support is phenomenal, as can be noted by the fact that they replied to my posting here, as well as sent me an email. I can definitely recommend the product, just be aware if you have nmlokre then ONE Outlook profile, there will be a problem with email. All other settings, bookmarks, desktop wallpaper, documents, etc migrated with no issues. Just wanted to correct my post since the issue is related to my setup, and not the product.

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