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Amiga & AROS There is kind of a stir in the Amiga community. As Hyperion employees explained in an IRC chat, Hyperion suffers from a lack of hardware for the development (and thus sales) of AmigaOS4. However, what about Genesi? Genesi is the company behind the ODW, a PPC workstation that could potentially be the solution to Hyperion's lack-of-hardware problems. However, friction between the two companies is preventing them from coming to an agreement. More from the community here, and here. My take: I find this a rather silly situation. It is quite clear that Genesi is one of the few companies capable of offering a steady flow of PPC hardware for the AmigaOS, yet things in the past are preventing a financially interesting cooperation. And who suffer? Exactly-- Amiga fans.
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Well. I don't konw why even this thread started.

Hey Mr. Thom Holwerda... OSNews deals with OSes and their developing, new functions and so on.

It seems to me that it never dealt with hardware problems (at least this site reports with bugs of OS related with hardware)...

...neither OSNews dealt with lack of hardware of ANY OS on the market...

(And this is mostly true for Amiga since the times in which we didn't have *ANY* hardware...

BUT even in those DARK AGES of Amiga, OSNews was so kind to host Amiga related news.

And we thanks this site for the help which gives to us all amigans!)

Actually Amiga world is splitted in various parties.

1) Amiga INC with AmigaONE produced ON LICENCE by Eyetech with AmigaOS 4.0 developed by Hyperion.

2) Genesi with Pegasos II from bPlan, with MorphOS by MorphOS team.

3) AROS Open Source Amiga OS 3.1 adapted to run on various platforms...

I don't want to bother you with other viable solutions (Amithlon, WinUAE, RC Drummond UAE, WinFellow, PearPC, etcetera).

Now AmigaONE suffer of problems. TRUE.

Because Eyetech, the producer (under licence) has problems, and mainly beacuse MAI Articia Northbridge used seems not good, and the fact that MAI went down and none has more Articia chips on the market, problems of prices, problems related to amiga fanboys and many other problems.

Had I missed one or more? ;-)

Well. SURE! Genesi's Pegasos could be a solution.

Into Amiga world we users have decided AS USUAL (as a common silent agreement) that we will wait and SEE how things will evolve.

Don't worry! Amigans share great patience.

We had bear the demise of Commodore and 10 (*TEN*) years of sufference.

News and "wannabe" problems that you evidenced in the news you posted are kind a joke for us amigans.

:-D :-D :-D

We have developed iron guts as responce to environment. Such kind of Darwinian Evolution.

But also a Superior Power is blessing us and give us the strenght to resist and stay our ground in Amiga camp, and Our Prays have been attended by the Almighty!



Not only one, but TWO!
(and we have also a Open Source Multiplatform OS as spare part).

And also new programs and new DLL-libraries born again into Amiga camp almost every day (Ami-NETRadio, CDPlayer, ZoneXplorer, etc., etc., etc.).

Portings from other platforms were made or are under development (Cairo, Blender, GTK+, mPLayer, etc., etc., etc.).
Take a look back into OSNews last weeks. There were lots of Amiga and MorphOS related news.

What a BONANZA!!!

(And this bonanza rises from a plaform considered by other OSes people as quite dead).

If one of the Amiga-like embodiments could vanish, we will not worry anymore!
The other two incarnations of Amiga will replace the void creating by the one which passes...

Think of such a kind of "seven heads Hydra", or kinda like as ancient Persian Imperial Guard of 3000 years ago "The Immortals"!.

These are my two cents.



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