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Amiga & AROS There is kind of a stir in the Amiga community. As Hyperion employees explained in an IRC chat, Hyperion suffers from a lack of hardware for the development (and thus sales) of AmigaOS4. However, what about Genesi? Genesi is the company behind the ODW, a PPC workstation that could potentially be the solution to Hyperion's lack-of-hardware problems. However, friction between the two companies is preventing them from coming to an agreement. More from the community here, and here. My take: I find this a rather silly situation. It is quite clear that Genesi is one of the few companies capable of offering a steady flow of PPC hardware for the AmigaOS, yet things in the past are preventing a financially interesting cooperation. And who suffer? Exactly-- Amiga fans.
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RE: Amiga today?
by Raffaele on Mon 2nd Jan 2006 06:36 UTC in reply to "Amiga today?"
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An Anonymous wrote:

Im wondering, whats hot about amiga nowadays?

- Responsivity of the OS?

- Programs light in code and compact when recorded into storage media?
(Almost all disks space free for data)

- Efficiency?

- Lower requests of resources?

- Light GUIs (MUI, ReAction, Feelin) and more ->

- more -> light graphical environment that not insist on the OS (as for example Heavy-Weight Absolute Champion XFree86)?

- Script Language (Arexx) TRULY integrated into system and third party programs, and not a curiosity feature like in other OSes?

- No tracking of private infos as in Windows Media Player and similar programs common in other OSes?

- Complete control of the OS by the user (and not the opposite -i.e. the user controlled by the OS as in Windows and MacOS X)?

- No need to became a computer geek to use it professionally as requested by Linux?

- Should I continue?

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