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Windows I recently saw a post on Neowin which said that Vista will no longer allow the use of region-free DVD drives for movie playback; I found this strange considering in some nations region-coding DVDs is illegal as it goes against consumer rights. Neowin also links against an MS developers blog, where he talks about MS lacking any region-free drives to test legacy code on, and this may lead to lack of support for those drives. So where does this leave consumers who have region-free drives? Well you'll be able to still use DVD-data discs you just wont be able to play encrypted/region-coded DVDs anymore.
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by ArKay on Mon 2nd Jan 2006 14:23 UTC
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Simply don't use Vista until you are ready to buy a new computer (or upgrade your equipment). At least that's what I will do, Vista being the first Windows OS I am _not_ looking forward to put on this PC. Windows XP is stable enough for my needs and Vista doesn't offer anything exciting enough for installation on my current system--I guess it would be too slow and waste too many resources, so why bother?

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