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Red Hat The stock shot up like a weed on a sunny spring day. Red Hat shares rose 104 percent, making it the top gainer among 28 public companies based in the region. It highlights an adage of business: performance pays. Red Hat, after bolstering its executive ranks and making other tweaks, has reported solid sales and profit growth. In the most recent quarter, which ended Nov. 30, it beat analysts' expectations for both.
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Before anyone else posts
by shotsman on Mon 2nd Jan 2006 15:52 UTC
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the obigatory "RedHat is Evil" comment.
Please think twice before you start slagging off RedHat (or any other company for that matter)
They are proving that selling services based upon Open Source Software does work. Other companies are trying to follow them but are having differing degrees of success.

They aren't perfect but IMHO getting better all the time.
disclaimer, I don't work for RedHat or any other suppler of OSS Software.

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