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Amiga & AROS There is kind of a stir in the Amiga community. As Hyperion employees explained in an IRC chat, Hyperion suffers from a lack of hardware for the development (and thus sales) of AmigaOS4. However, what about Genesi? Genesi is the company behind the ODW, a PPC workstation that could potentially be the solution to Hyperion's lack-of-hardware problems. However, friction between the two companies is preventing them from coming to an agreement. More from the community here, and here. My take: I find this a rather silly situation. It is quite clear that Genesi is one of the few companies capable of offering a steady flow of PPC hardware for the AmigaOS, yet things in the past are preventing a financially interesting cooperation. And who suffer? Exactly-- Amiga fans.
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RE[4]: Solutions
by Raffaele on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 08:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Solutions"
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@ Rasmus

You wrote:

I did try MorphOS though and Birdie Shoot was great.

This is all you Homo NEITHERtalensis spotted of a whole OS?

Birdie Shoot???

A gratis game given with the MorphOS os as a gift and mainly bad written, full of bugs, with 3 or 4 screens and unworthy even an Amiga500 with only 256K???

Believe me pal!

You have understood all of the Amiga Philosophy behind MorphOS, its power and its usability.

Think different again!

MorphOS is REALLY more than a tiny shoot-the-bird computer game.

There could be a chance for them in the embedded world because at least it works and is support on the Pegasos.

There could be a chance everywhere for Amiga and MorphOS market if well supported...

Because they could be mounted on NON PALLADIUM-TCPA-TGM machines, which spies the user and prevent loading software written by third parties.

Yes. World of IT by big companies, is about to trying to monopolize the market of software cutting the throat to all free developers. with the Palladium hidden DONGLE.

He who wants to develop software for new Palladium based machines, then he must join the Palladium consortium paying for develop software tied to the hardware.

AmigaOS and MorphOS could be the choice of the new generations of users along with Linux, to avoid palladium regime controlling FREEDOM OF FEVELOPING SOFTWARE.

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