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General Development In this article, Bjarne Stroustrup (the father of C++) talks about the next version of the widely used general-purpose programming language. This next version, called C++0x for now, will most likely be finished by 2009. The article discusses new language features, for example concepts - which specify the properties required of a type and can be used with templates. Stroupstrup also talks about new standard C++ libraries.
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RE: Nothing much actually
by dsmogor on Tue 3rd Jan 2006 12:20 UTC in reply to "Nothing much actually"
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Author clearly defined focus of the language.
It's the "systems programming", not business application developement.
It's good that they improve on present strenghts of c++ instead of playing cli/java catch up game. It'll allow to position c++ more firmly in its current "niche".
Not everyone has to be obsessed with world domination.

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