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Windows Microsoft has updated its advisory today on the critical Windows flaw to state that development of the patch is complete, and they are now in the process of testing it. The expected release date for the patch is currently set for January 10, which will be included as part of Microsoft's monthly release of security bulletins. In the meantime, Microsoft advices against using a third party fix which appeared.
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Here's a back up url to the patch!
by bornagainenguin on Wed 4th Jan 2006 05:27 UTC
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Good thing I uploaded the ptach to yesterday then, isn't it?

[ ]

Of course I don't need it myself I'm currently using Ubuntu and will likely stay there until this whole thing blows over. Fresh install as of this morning! I knew it was time to get out when I hadn't seen any response from Microsoft and was beginning to hear astroturfing about 'malicious sites' --as if you can know for a fact which sites will be attacked ahead of time! The fact that this is an ongoing issue makes me doubly glad I moved out when I did! I'll probably wait for the offical patch and the ptach to fix that patch before throwing my drive image back on and patching my system.

--bornagainpenguin (who wishes good luck to anyone unfortunate enough to still 'need' be on Windows on days like this...)

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