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X11, Window Managers David Reveman has made the latest XGL source code available to download. This comes a few weeks after development of the project was criticised for being done 'behind closed doors'. There have been huge changes to XGL, the most significant being restructuring of the code, allowing XGL's GLX support to function on other drivers than the proprietary Nvidia one. Xcompmgr can currently be run under XGL with full acceleration provided that the proprietary ATI or Nvidia drivers are used. An OpenGL based compositing manager, 'Compiz' is currently in the works and a release is expected in February. David intends to get the code into freedesktop CVS as soon as possible, after which the code should eventually merge with Xorg.
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another perspective
by 25bravo on Wed 4th Jan 2006 17:37 UTC
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Windows is good. Everybody knows it. And windows is doomed, and everybody knows it. Linux will likely rule the world some day because it is starting to put more food on the table than windows, in a lot of areas of technology.

What will decide the fate of OSdom: Freedom, fear, and food. That's what Windows still has going for it, Fear. In the food department, Windows is still a bit ahead, but linux, with it's freedom, has the potential to feed ten times more mouths. As they say, teach a man to fish...

Anyway, XGL is just another step towards alleviating the fear factor for me. Long live freedom, aye?

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