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Google The LA Times is speculating the arrival of a Google PC running an OS also made by Google. "Sources say Google has been in negotiations with Wal-Mart, among other retailers, to sell a Google PC. The machine would run an operating system created by Google, not Microsoft's Windows, which is one reason it would be so cheap - perhaps as little as a couple of hundred dollars." They also say that Larry Page, Google's co-founder and president of products, will give a keynote speech at CES coming Friday, announcing all this.
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by 25bravo on Wed 4th Jan 2006 19:12 UTC
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I want a g-book. A small screen, decent keyboard, ethernet, usb, cd/dvd, flash-ram based persistent memory, with a thin-client-linux embeded.

I want a gecko-fied desktop with ajax widgets and applications for everything, from email to file browser.

On the server side, I want a dedicated Linux, hosted under a hypervisor, which I can install new apps to through some google-apt-get ajax app from some google-apt repository. I also want 100 gigs of storage server side.

For each app that hasn't been converted to the g-book yet, I want a lite vnc window that renders just that remote app to pop up -- not rendering a whole remote desktop -- which is resizable, tangable, and acts just like desktop apps. All over a secure connection.

I want all the hardware free. Just a flat 20 dollar a month fee.

EDIT: on the other hand, a vnc windowing thing might not be necessary if the device has enough RAM. One could just download the binary to RAM, for whatever program they use, while the config files for any given program stay server side on /etc or /home.

BTW: couldn't this all be done with that 'system on a chip' tech?

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