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KDE "After a lot of hacking behind the scenes, a new initiative to improve KDE's interaction with network and hardware devices has been launched. Solid will provide a robust basis for the dynamic modern desktop in KDE, which needs to be aware of available hardware and networks, paving the way for innovative functionality. Users should see KDE applications taking advantage of Solid in KDE 4, from the most basic Plasma applets and complex applications to desktop-wide awareness. Developers will be able to take advantage of a robust, flexible and portable API and will be integrated into the Plasma engine. It will make use of existing technologies like HAL."
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KDE is very important
by jjmckay on Wed 4th Jan 2006 19:27 UTC
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Great! Device interaction is important!

IMHO, KDE is even more important than the kernel or even the underlying OS from a user's perspective. Of course, the kernel does the low level work that must be done but from a user's perspective the GUI is more important because of the letter I in GUI - interface. Many OS's can do things, but how easily can they be done? Does the interface make things accessible? Do I need to research (google) every task I want to do or does the interface take care of it intuitively?

Not saying this is always the most important but for a general purpose user interface, it is.

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