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Windows Like a lot of people who have worked in the business, I find myself in conversations about computer security with people who are having problems or know people who have problems. I wrote this to save me from explaining the same thing over and over again to different people, and to save them the trouble of having to make notes as we talked. It was meant to be something you could give to a 'naive user' and have them be able to read and follow it more or less unaided, and while not being a complete guide, at least be something that made them more secure than before they got it.
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the worst...
by ple_mono on Wed 4th Jan 2006 20:38 UTC
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The worst people of them all, is people like my friends - some of them never update, use the firewall or even have antivirus installed. The reason you ask?
"I never get infected", "I havent noticed anything out of the ordinary", "So what, thats my buisness". Yeah sure! People like you ARE the ones spreading the god damn things. So why isnt it my buisness too? Dont you get that??? But they never listen.

Ignorance is a bliss?

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