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Windows Microsoft confirmed that it will deliver the beta 1 version of Longhorn Server on August 3, along with the beta 1 release Internet Explorer 7. They'll be available along with the beta 1 version of Windows Vista, the next-generation Windows formerly known as Longhorn, which Microsoft announced friday morning.
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RE[5]: Aero?
by n4cer on Sat 23rd Jul 2005 21:16 UTC
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No. For MS, mainly the core infrastructure components are complete for the Beta 1 stage (kernel, driver model, APIs, etc.), but higher level features and applications may be added later. Beta 2 is usually the cutoff point for new features, though some product schedules may contain more than 2 Beta milestones. IIRC, the final UI can be added as late as the first Release Candidate build, and there may also be tweaks to default settings and other things based on further feedback received during this period.

After several RCs, with all internal tests passed and a lack of "show stopper" issues being reported, the final RC transitions to the Release To Manufacturing build.

Along with the major milestone releases are several interim releases that usually only go to the private beta testers. The transition from each stage is based on internal quality metrics and external feedback. There may be some features planned for and built against internal builds that don't make it into the current milestone or release.

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