Linked by Thom Holwerda on Thu 5th Jan 2006 21:24 UTC
Windows Microsoft has officially released the patch that fixes the WMF flaw. The patch can be download individually here, but it is advised to simply use Windows Update. Yesterday, Microsoft said it would not release it until next Tuesday, but two (1 | 2) third party fixes were already available. And to make matters worse, Microsoft accidentally leaked their own patch to the Net yesterday.
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How am I not surprised?
by ZaNkY on Thu 5th Jan 2006 22:08 UTC
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How am I not surprised?

I'm GLAD that MS released the patch, a little late, but at least they are PARTIALLY ATTEMPTING to dig themselves out of the whole they are in. Thatís assuming they care, which they SHOULD........

I feel sad for all those people that can't get patches lol

Raver31, I would vote your comment up, but I have no votes left ;)

Thanks for the good information, I have yet to read any of the links due to time constraints ATM for me.


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