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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Palm this week introduced a Treo model that uses the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Mobile software (formerly known as Pocket PC). On the outside, the new Treo 700w looks very much like the current Palm-based model, the Treo 650, which will remain on sale and will continue to be developed on a parallel track. On the inside, though, the new Treo's key software functions - phone, email, Web, multimedia - are all different."
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Dude, you got a Dell!
by Jon Dough on Thu 5th Jan 2006 22:33 UTC
Jon Dough
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I've got a Dell Axim X51v. It doesn't have phone functions, nor would I want it to. My LG VX8100 that I got for free does everything I need a cellphone to do. The Axim does everything else I need, and then some. It rocks!

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